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New York Motorsports is a multifaceted business, with a drag-racing team and marketing company based in the metropolitan New York City / Long Island region. David Hance drives a Twin Turbocharged 1957 Pro Mod Chevy, a 2006 Outlaw 10.5 Mustang and a 1993 Outlaw Drag Radial Mustang. Team New York Motorsports travels across the country competing at more than 20 facilities across 5 different racing associations including the Arabian Drag Racing League based in Doha, Qatar. David is currently the world's quickest and fastest Outlaw 10.5 driver with an elapsed time of 6.10 at 241 mph.

The team's 1957 twin-turbo Pro Modified Chevy reaches speeds in the 255 - mph range with elapsed times in the 5.70's range on the quarter-mile drag strip. David is the current northeast pro mod record holder.

Hance's 1993 "Fox Body" Ford Mustang (representing the third-generation of Mustangs) has held the record for world’s quickest street car. It owned both the elapsed time and speed records at 6.86 seconds at 223 mph. It was the first car to ever run a six-second pass in street-legal trim. The car retains all metal factory panels and stock suspension, as well as all original glass.

David Hance is the founder of the annual Shakedown Nationals, the quickest and fastest outlaw drag race in the world, at Old Bridge Township Raceway Park in Englishtown, New Jersey. The October 2012 Shakedown Nationals was a raving success! Both fan attendance and race team attendance records came down as E'town was packed for the 10th edition of the Shakedown Nationals event ! The October 2012 event marked the tenth edition of what has become the quickest and fastest independent drag race, not only in the Northeast but in the world.

At the conclusion of the 2013 season, David Hance finished in 6th place in the Outlaw Pro Modified class of the NEOPMA, which is David's top finish to date in a Pro type Series. We are excited to offer new partners the opportunity to grow with us as we pursue another championship.

In 2014 New York Motorsports will focus on competing in the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) Pro Mod Series, the Professional Drag Racing Association (PDRA), several Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Association (NEOPMA) events and many independent events.

In addition to his New York Motorsports race team and marketing company, Hance also owns New York Auto Service, which consists of two successful businesses, County Auto Repair and County Auto Sales.

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Dave Hance "Uncovered" Radial Record Video

New York Motorsports Press 1-15-2012
Recently Uncovered is the Record Radial Pass by David Hance In The New York Motorsports Mustang Video Here:


Tim McAmis Race Cars News "David Hance" 5.79 @ 254

Tim McAmis Race Cars 11-2-2011
David Hance ran his first ever 5 second pass at his Shakedown at E'town event on Sunday Read More Here:


David Hance Celebrates Best Ever Pass In 57 Pro Mod 5.79 @ 254

New York Motorsports Press 10-30-2011
Recently while testing at Maryland International Raceway for the Pro Mod race that got rained out in Virginia, Dave ran a career best 5.79 elapsed time at 254 mph! Read More Here:


David Hance Adds New Videos Of 5.92 Pass 251 MPH

New York Motorsports Press 10-25-2011
David Hance knocked down a stellar 5.92 @ 251 MPH, many videographers were in place to get great views. In the video shown by, the GoPro camera's were mounted in many places on the car to capture all kinds of cool views of the run See The HD 5.92 Video Here:


Archived Blog Posts

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New York Motorsports In Action

David Hance through the years has provided the Drag Racing sport many exciting moments in an array of versatile classes. Our brief slideshow will give you an Idea of the different classes David Hance has participated in all the way to his Promotional skills. Enjoy The Above Photos Of David Hance Through The Years.

Let's Talk Pro Modified Drag Racing With David Hance On Yellow Bullet

Pro Modified Drag Racing On The Yellow Bullet Forums

Most of you know David Hance has been an outspoken yet diligent affirmative and positive influence to almost all classes of racing. Dave has been a feature of Magazines, Radio talk hours and press announcements to go along with his credentials as a promoter and voice of racers that perform and also revel in the light of Motorsports and the fans. Hance has taken on the position of Moderating the New Yellow Bullet Forum for "Pro Modifieds" with a strong appeal of this well trafficked forum there is no lack of substance and interaction. Dave lends advice, makes suggestions and is easily contacted there to simply "Chat". Stop in and post up a conversation, Dave Hance will surely welcome you.

About David Hance

David Hance Of New York Motorsports No doubt you have heard of David Hance in one form or another either in competition or promoting not only his own Racing Series but others as well.

David Hance has been recognized for his efforts in helping the sport to grow and prosper in a cordial manner while facing opponents with vigor when race time comes.

Hance has many qualities and accomplishments in his profile.

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Dave Hance On Drag Illustrated's Blog Talk Radio Show With Wes & Wyatt

Listen to internet radio with Drag Illustrated on Blog Talk Radio

New York Motorsports Press & News

Shakedown At E'Town 2011; The Northeast Unleashed Results And Reviews, Photos And Videos:

After last year, David Hance "New York Motorsports" had to rethink is options of this years event creation with some sense of a balance of power included in the production. The use of the term "Balance Of Power" was in this vocabulary since the Northeast was in a slight upheaval because racers and rules that needed a combination that would allow the classic drag racing format and new added classes to run safely and bring in the "big players" needed to make this another event to be "Unleashed In The Northeast".Read More Here


New York Motorsports Video Gallery Updated HD Drag Racing Videos:

Quite a few videos of the New York Motorsports 57 Pro Mod were posted on the net, sent to David Hance personally just to share with his fans who follow the 57 Chevy Pro Mod. Some great videos came out of this with camera's mounted on the car at all angles, various views, and great HD video action during his run at the 5.92 @ 251 pass against Pete Farber, Check Out the latest videos in our dedicated multimedia page now split into two pages for faster loading Here:


David Hance Personal And Professional Moments Gallery "Updated":

Newly updated a complete look at Dave Hance and the New York Motorsports 57 Chevy Pro Mod at The 2011 Shakedown at E 'Town 2011 featuring his pits, crew at work, racing the Pro Mod and all the way to the winners photos plus "family Moments"See All The Newest New York Motorsports Photos Here:

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