Second hand motorcycle: which neo-retro model for 5,000 euros?

Bonneville, Enfield, Scrambler, Guzzi V7, Scrambler or Kawa W, neo-retro models are available for around 5 000 euros.selectionMotorcycles: which retro models at 5000 $? – A little vintage touch is alw…A bit of chrome here, rounded surfaces there, then a conical exhaust system and, hop, a motorcycle gains a bit of charm. Sometimes very simple, other times very “techno”, neo-retro models, always with a round headlight, are on the rise, both on the new and second-hand market.

How do I register an imported vehicle?

Often, importing a car turns out to be more profitable than buying a new model in France, which has become increasingly popular since the French borders are opened.People prefer to buy their cars.main......