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See More Drag Racing Videos Of Dave Hance Thanks to Arnie Cohen Videos, and Carey Cable,, GRS Motorsports; David Hance has been put into a video viewers funhouse of drag racing that will keep you viewing for some time; these are classic videos from the early days in outlaw 10.5 against some of the most notable names that created the class that it is today, Leo Barnaby, Joe Newsham, Brad Harris, Pat Musi in Pro Street to the newest of the 57 Chevy Pro Mod.

High quality drag racing videos of the New York Motorsports race cars in action at various tracks over the years, from the Outlaw 10.5 Mustang to the 57 Chevy Pro Mod ( including in-car-video ) from Qatar.

Dave Hance 6.86 Against Scotty Gaudagno DAVID HANCE 6.999 222+mph Shakedown 2009 Drag Radial Shakedown Drag Radial semi-final Hance vs Vrettos
NEW!! Go Pro Camera's Mounted On Hance's 57 Chevy Pro Mod Video By NEW!! Hance Vs. Farber 5.92 @ 251 Three Angles GRS Motorsports NEW!! Hance Vs. Farber 5.92 @ 251
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